Formulated at a “hypertonic” concentration, one daily re-mineralization dose can lift the body up, helping increase energy and support protein synthesis, adrenal function, cellular division, and bone formation. An almost instant effect, increasing alertness and stamina.


Quinton ® Hypertonic and Isotonic — seawater liquid mineral supplements — are harvested from pure, protected plankton blooms. Laboratories Quinton extracts raw, nutrient-rich marine fluid from a plankton rich bloom off the coast of France. By following strict protocols established in 1887, the ocean water is cold micro-filtered to the highest purity, quality, and healing properties innate to seawater. One dose of bioavailable Quinton will wash over your bioterrain, sending up to 78 minerals and trace elements to your cells.

Seawater is a gentle daily detoxifier while also possessing the potential to impact everything from cellular and electrolyte balance to sleep and relaxation to alertness in the brain and immune system.


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